5 Steps to Releasing Stuttering

Step 1 Learn what you really need to change

Stuttering is much more than what is heard in your speech. Stuttered speech is the outcome of the inner workings of the inner system that creates the speech. You can’t change the stuttering without changing what you do that makes the stuttered speech happen.

Stage 2 Explore how you hamper your ability to speak fluently

So much goes on internally when you are speaking. People who stutter have intentions and behaviors that turn what is meant to be an automatic process into a conscious activity. Becoming aware of what you are doing will allow you to give up the behaviors that obstruct fluent speech.

Stage 3 Create speech in the same way as normally fluent speakers

Once you understand the system and actually do activities to use your system naturally, you will experience how normally fluent speakers talk. What was once an effortful task becomes a natural way to share your thoughts with others.

Stage 4 Think like a normally fluent speaker

Fluency is a state of being that encompasses how you think, feel and act. You can’t stay with your old thoughts and hope for a different outcome. Change your memorized thoughts, beliefs and feelings into new ones that match your ability to speak naturally.

Stage 5 Joyfully practice speaking naturally

Your state of being a naturally fluent speaker comes when you call up the patterns of speaking naturally again and again. Only repeated intentional practice that is linked with feelings of joy, ease and confidence stabilizes the system. This is how you will continue to speak naturally no matter where you are or with whom you are speaking.

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