Workshops and Courses

Barbara Dahm SLP-CCC; BCS-FD author of “Freeing your Inner Fluency” and “Dynamic Stuttering Therapy”, Director of Communication Therapy Institute and Anna Margolina, PhD, author of “Letting Go of the Dragon”, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer have collaborated in developing the Freeing Your Inner Fluency workshop.

Imagine being at a workshop that will enable your inner fluency to emerge without effort. Anna and Barbara guide you to do just that. Participants don’t go home from this workshop with the same struggle and lack of belief in their ability to speak fluently that they bring with them. Stay tuned for dates of upcoming workshops.

Barbara often presents seminars at conferences and meetings for people who stutter. She has presented at the International Fluency Association Conference, The National Stuttering Association Conference, the International Stuttering Association and more. Her workshops are informative and help participants to finally make sense out of the nature of stuttering and how to treat it.

In addition, Barbara has given many workshops in various countries that are designed to assist Speech and Language Pathologists to effectively administer a clear, logical and clinically proven successful approach for treating people who stutter. One to three-day workshops may be arranged for groups.

The length of the workshop will determine the depth of detail discussed and the amount of hands-on practice the participants will have.

Various seminars

Clinician Training

A mentorship program for clinicians who are looking for a rewarding therapy experience with their stuttering clients. a practical and successful way to treat people of all ages who stutter. This mentorship program, based on Dynamic Stuttering Therapy brings transforms accepted models of speech production into a logic stuttering therapy approach.

All participants will gain practical experience that will make treating stuttering a rewarding experience.

Section 1 Understanding the 6 principles for speaking naturally
Section 2 Using with the mind/body connection to enhance change
Section 3 Simulated Practice in administering therapy, including evaluating video samples and troubleshooting
Section 4 Mentored support – Bring real-life issues up for discussion. Share experiences with clients to receive feedback and support

Presently available at various location by invitation, for reservations click here to contact us.

This workshop will be available online at a future date.

Speak naturally with Barbara Dahm

What you need to know about resolving stuttering

We designed this online course to give you a deep understanding of what really works to make speaking a natural experience. The course is made up of 6 modules that give you a logical perspective on this once puzzling condition. This is an important course for people who stutter; parents, teachers, clinicians and anyone who wants to know what is required to resolve stuttering.

The modules:
Module 1 Speaking; what goes on back stage
Module 2 The 6 Principles
Module 3 Change is the Game
Module 4 Mind control
Module 5 Myths and Paradoxes
Module 6 Transforming the system

Presently available at various location by invitation, for reservations click here to contact us.

Speak Your Mind

Learn how to say everything you want to say in an online workshop for people who stutter. It's a uniquely designed closed group to help you discover how to put the joy into speaking.

You’ll learn everything about stuttering and how to transform frustration to fulfillment with easy and practical ways of speaking that you can use with ease and confidence in your daily life.

Presently available at various location by invitation, for reservations click here to contact us.

  • קורס הטיפול הדינמי שהשתתפתי בו, היה יסודי עם חוויית למידה מרתקת ומעשירה, הן בהיבטים התיאורטיים והן במעשיים. ברברה היקרה, רציתי להודות לך על סבלנותך ותשומת לבך לכל אחד ואחד. נתת את עצמך לאורך כל הקורס. הרגשנו שיצאנו עם כלים ישימים שונים מכל מה שהכרנו. עכשיו זה כל כך טבעי לטפל בגמגום!
  • ברברה היקרה, הקורס שלך נתן לי נקודת מבט חדשה לגמרי על גמגום. זה יותר מאשר שיטה; אלא דרך להסתכל על דברים, בדרך הטבעית, כי זה לוקח בחשבון את האנטומיה, הפיזיולוגיה והמצב המנטלי של המטופל. גישה זו אינה מתמקדת בגמגום ובחיסולו, אלא בדרך החופשית של הדיבור ומספקת כלים תפעוליים לייצר אותו. הגישה ענתה על כל כך הרבה שאלות שהיו לי. היא פילוסופית מחד ומעשית מאידך. הדרך שאת מלמדת הייתה חוויה מדהימה, והיום אני כבר רואה הבדל מאוד גדול במטופלים שלי בדרך שבה הם מדברים. תודה רבה לך!

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